The 'Himalayan Expedition Logistical Support' treks

The 'Himalayan Expedition Logistical Support' treks

We provide expedition logistical support. This may simply mean getting your expedition to Base Camp from where you can launch your climb to the summit. We would also provide a simple Base Camp service and security role while you are on the climb. It could also mean organizing a support trek whereby family members and friends trek to Base Camp with the expedition members but then return allowing the expedition to continue with their planned ascent.

Treks that we consider would fit into this category include:-
All the trekking peaks identified in the NTB and NMA lists

As an example here we have provided an itinerary for Hiunchuli

Trekking Peak Expeditions

Nepal provides the opportunity for climbers to challenge their skills at several different levels, however, you need permission and the appropriate paperwork from the authorities before you are allowed to set foot on the mountain. There are different sets of peaks that are open to climbers, "Expedition peaks", the big ones, and then there are the "trekking peaks". Any peak excluded from the official trekking peak lists are closed for mountaineering.

There are 15 trekking peaks in group A and 18 in group B and several hundred expedition peaks. For peaks under 6500m no liaison officer is required, however, garbage deposits that are refundable must be paid.

There are some Nepalese peaks opened for climbing which only require a basic climbing knowledge and skill and can be completed in short periods of time.

Most of the Trekking Peak Expeditions are completed within 3 weeks starting and ending in Kathmandu. Within this period there will be about 10 -15 days trekking and 1-2 days climbing.

However, you should always organize your expedition through the appropriate channels and with qualified guides and climbing sherpas who will be insured and looked after for the length of your expedition.