The 'Nepal Himalayan Expedition' treks

These treks are long, serious and involve a greater level of trekking and mountain experience. Camping is essential, there would be extended periods at altitude and the chances of meeting other people along the way unless they were locals would be very unlikely. For these treks you would need a minimum of four weeks spent in Nepal with the flexibility of your return flight just in case of delays during your trek

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The 'Himalayan Expedition Logistical Support' treks

We provide expedition logistical support. This may simply mean getting your expedition to Base Camp from where you can launch your climb to the summit. We would also provide a simple Base Camp service and security role while you are on the climb. It could also mean organizing a support trek whereby family members and friends trek to Base Camp with the expedition members but then return allowing the expedition to continue with their planned ascent.

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The 'Nepal Himalaya at its Best' treks

These destinations include treks in all the popular trekking areas. We will provide the additional service of working with you to ensure all your requirements are met. You could either camp or use lodges however you will certainly encounter many other trekkers on route.

As an example here we have included the ever popular Everest Base Camp trek although there are several other itineraries in this sector that offer fantastic experiences and mountain views.

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The 'Nepal Himalayan Adventure' treks

These itineraries include treks in the less visited areas supported by own dedicated staff and backed up by our hall-mark of quality service and support. Camping would be a requirement of these treks although there would be the occasional option to stay in a lodge, you would encounter other trekkers, but, in lesser numbers and with a more committed attitude to the mountains and the 'Himalayan Adventure' experience.

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The 'Greater Himalayan Treks'

These treks allow you to visit other Himalayan areas outside of Nepal, in Ladakh, Sikkim, Bhutan and further afield.

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The 'Great Himalayan Trail'

This is a very special trekking expedition that traverses Nepal from East to West via the highest (altitude) trekking route possible. It is a complex journey with high mountain pass crossings involving rope work and the use of crampons and ice axes. This very demanding expedition can be undertaken as a series of independent treks that will all link up or it could be done in one long 160 day expedition. We will be happy to discuss whichever choice of completing this journey you decide on, offer advice and work with you to plan a successful outcome.

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I have known Ian as a friend for many years and now that he lives in Nepal I have found him to be a really good source for peak information. This helps inspire me to do more interesting routes, usually solo, but knowing both Ian and Sarita are there with all their skills, connections and ability to deal with logistics is very reassuring. Ian has an excellent knowledge, and an eye for the mountains that few other agents have; he actually goes into the hills!Ian and Sarita are good friends and always provide a welcoming haven after what is often a long and arduous trip in Nepal.


While leading an expedition on Kyajo Ri, Nepal in 2011 it was good to know that Ian and Sarita were backing us up in Kathmandu when things got difficult due to bad weather.


Ian and Sarita provided full logistical support for our exploratory expedition to Jobo Rinjang in 2011, everything ran really smoothly and the clients who accompanied our team to base camp with Sarita had a brilliant time. The experience and support Ian and Sarita provide always exceeded my expectations. Their flexibility and organisational skills overcome even the most complex of problems which allowed my team and clients to get the best experience out of their expedition and trek.


In 2010 I planned a trip to Nepal and through mutual friends I met Ian and Sarita. I was going over to run the Everest Ultra Marathon but found out 2 days before I left home that the race had been canceled. I decided to continue with my visit as Ian and Sarita had planned a 24 day trek in the Everest region for our group. Once in Nepal Ian and Sarita met with us in person, they explained how everything would work and what to expect and they introduced us to our guide and porter. Ian also went over all the safety stuff and what gear to take. The airline lost my luggage so Sarita took me to a local place to buy all new gear including running shoes; she brokered a deal and set me up. It was incredible how far they went to help us out and make us happy. Once we were on the Everest Trek and we did every- thing one could do in the Everest region... three passes, Kala Pattar, Everest base camp, Gokyo Ri, it was amazing. We met other organized trekking groups, but we had way more fun and did way more stuff. Ian...


Ian and Sarita arrange a trek in the Helambu area of Nepal for us in 2009, we had a great time on trek and were particularly well looked after by their guide Pemba.


Ian and Sarita's help and knowledge was invaluable, they really smoothed the way, and Ian was fantastic company and a great guide on my first trip to Nepal and trek through the simply beautiful Helambu region. Unforgettable!


I visited Nepal as a solo trekker and enlisted the expertise of Ian and Sarita to help me plan my trip.  Ian gave me lots of practical advice regarding the different treks that I wanted to do and helped me to decide on the perfect itinerary.  Ian and Sarita's assistance was invaluable - they organised everything from my airport transfer and guesthouse in Kathmandu when I first arrived to my guide and porter on the trek, my flights, insurance, permits, the lot.  Sarita's help in getting my trekking permits was particularly useful as it meant I didn't have to travel all the way across town to the permit office and queue for hours! Ian and Sarita continued to look after me throughout my trip and it was great to have someone always looking out for me.  It ended up being the trip of a lifetime and I could not have done it without them.