Who are our customers

We work with like-minded people who appreciate the Himalayan mountains and way of life and want to contribute in a positive way for the benefit of Himalayan communities. Our clients and friends are eager to have new and varied experiences in a Himalayan environment.

The Himalayan environment and culture can provide the discerning trekker with a very varied experience which encompasses a mosaic of different ethnic groups, festivals and culture, as well as the varied mountainous environments and climatic zones in which they live. Through Off the Wall Trekking we are able to offer a unique opportunity for friends and clients to appreciate visiting these special places and people.

Rather than offering a standard fixed trek, Off the Wall Trekking offers something that specifically suits the client’s requirements and budget. For many this might be their first time in Himalaya or they may have been many times before. However, we believe that travel broadens the mind and if people are willing to explore, to take small and acceptable risks and to take a small step into the less known world, they will have the experience of a life time.

In this day and age of life's pressures nearly all our clients like to know they have trusted friends on the ground that can help to develop ideas and turn them into a practical, smoothly delivered reality.

Off the Wall Trekking does not offer 'budget' or 'trekking factory' experiences, there are plenty of other providers in that sector, but instead, we offer a value for money experience to suit our clients and friends and at the same time provide economic benefits for their Nepali staff and their families.

Our 'Off the Wall Trekking' company in fact offers the opportunity to belong to a like-minded group of Off the Wall people who enjoy a sense of ‘insider knowledge’ and being seen and involved in a unique Himalayan experience, something a bit different for our clients that think 'outside the box' but who may not have the knowledge and time to create their own experiences.

We would like to acknowledge and thank here Nick Bullock and the Annapurna 3 SE Ridge expedition 2010 and Steve Holmes and the Jobo Rinjhang Expedition 2011 for giving us permission to use some of their expedition images on our website.