Trek and Itinerary planning

We work closely with our friends and clients to help them to develop their ideas for their desired Himalayan experience. Plans are formulated well before the date of travel so that expectations can be met, according to your available time, budget, fitness levels, the time of year and your general expectations. We can make suggestions for itineraries and activities, including regions that could be visited. We can also arrange travel, hotels and extension trips, or we can simply support the implementation of our friends and clients own ideas and plans.

Our staff are all qualified and have the appropriate experience to guide friends and clients safely and to look after them while they are enjoying their Himalayan experience. We will work closely with our staff and people on the ground here in Nepal to make it all happen in a smooth and efficient way ensuring a 'value for money' experience.

We have full access to all the equipment, infrastructure and logistical service to allow treks to run smoothly and with the minimum of hassle to you. Although Nepal is still a developing democracy and there may be situations that might occur beyond our control, we and our staff will do everything we can to minimize any inconvenience to your selves.

Off the Wall Trekking will provide all the back-up services that are required during your stay in Nepal. Before you arrive in Nepal we can arrange all your accommodation requirements, sight-seeing trips and transport. Once in Nepal we will provide all the essential trekking permits and cover all the administration requirements, we will provide all the essential items required during your trek and ensure all emergency support is established. All domestic travel arrangements will be made on your behalf and a Nepali member of staff will be available to support you during your domestic travel if you require that service. If there is anything extra that you might require during your stay, then all you have to do is to inform us and we will do our best to meet your expectations.

At Off the Wall Trekking, as our name would suggest, we are in the position to offer unusual ideas for your enjoyment, including activities of a non trekking nature while you are in Nepal. We can offer a variety of options and combinations of activities to make your trip very special and very different from anything else you might find advertised. Even if you want to enjoy a tried and tested itinerary we will add our own exclusive touch to make your trek a treasured life time memory.

Meeting Client Expectations

Prior to clients confirming their booking with Off the Wall trekking there will be extensive communications so that we exactly understand the clients' expectations as to what they want to achieve during their visit to Nepal. Once this has been finalised then the appropriate booking form and terms and conditions will be forwarded to the clients.

You might have read in the press and on social media about some of the insurances issues that at present exist in Nepal. Off the Wall trekking has never during our trading years had any rescues due to illness or altitude related issues. We take ultimate care over providing appropriate, hygienic and well prepared food on camping treks and on lodge based treks we ensure out guides oversee food preparation. With regard to acclimatisation we ensure that all treks have plenty of acclimatisation time built into the itineraries with an optional flexible 'spare' day to accommodate any unforeseen issues.